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A chair promoting sitting postures that adapts to changes in people’s feelings. Use as a deep-sitting chair for solitude or a shallow-sitting stool for conversations. Extensive research ensured optimal proportions based on common, preferred postures.

Created by combining molded plywood and metal pipes, this chair seamlessly transitions between two postures to accommodate varying feelings and functions. The relaxing posture emphasizes the natural wood texture, providing a sense of ease and comfort. On the other hand, the talking posture features a color-painted texture, adding vibrancy and visual interest. By purposefully altering the texture according to the intended function, a compelling contrast between the two materials is achieved, creating a rhythmic color pattern within the space. In order to make it easy to switch between the two postures, the thickness of the plywood and pipes was verified many times, and the weight was kept to a minimum. Incidentally, I made this chair myself, including the welding of the pipes and the bending of the plywood.




Project type /  Product Design

Client /  Prototype

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